Xplore Wealth

Xplore Wealth provide Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) to the financial planning market they are Australia’s largest specialist MDA provider. Johnston Design recently started working with them assisting them with their communication requirements across several departments. Our initial commission was their Powerpoint presentation for their Annual General Meeting in December 2019.

Xplore Wealth AGM Powerpoint Presentation

We have a vast knowledge and experience to help businesses large or small to create effective Powerpoint presentations or Powerpoint templatesXplore Wealth approached us to assist them with the design and production of their Annual General Meeting Powerpoint Presentation 2019. This involved the design of many complex graphs and tables. The presentation was extremely well received and we were delighted with all the positive feedback.

Powerpoint | Design, Graphs, Tables | Corporate branding

Xplore Wealth Flyer
Xplore Wealth Corporate Flyers

Xplore Wealth approached us to design and produce a series of A4 flyers about their companies platform solutions. This is the first of three flyers, the umbrella flyer so to speak. The design brief, for the first flyer, was to communicate that partnering with Xplore Wealth you are safe hands to helping you [financial planners] create wealth for your clients. The design also had to reflect the brands guidelines. 

Flyers/brochures | Design, photo research, photo retouching | Corporate branding

Brand Value Poster
Xplore Wealth Corporate Value Posters

Xplore Wealth approached us to design and produce a series of posters communicating their six corporate values. We decided the best approach was communicate the values via an infographic utilising the secondary colour palette. The initial A2 sized poster was completed in time to co-ordinate with the launch day of their intranet and to date has been hung in all their offices. The following six posters will explain each of the individual values. We are currently working on these.

Posters | Design, InfoGraphics | Corporate branding